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What is this huge, beautiful space we call a Media Center? One might think of a school library of past times, where books were stored and checked out to students. Students could read or study, but quiet was the rule. Progressive schools then developed their libraries into media centers, where books still lived, but other forms of media and technology were added. The space was less quiet and structured as students interacted with the media and began working in groups.

A modern media center goes one step further: in our media center students still check out books  but they interact with materials and information, collaborate, and create their own materials and information. A media center is an  interactive space where collaboration is not just allowed, but welcome. In keeping with that philosophy, the PWMS media center has spaces for students to work or relax alone or with friends or learning partners. They can simply hang out, collaborate on a project or study quietly. The furniture and spaces are designed with middle school students and their learning in mind. It is comfortable and flexible to adapt to the project or need at hand. 

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