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Math Leauge

What is the purpose of math league?
The purpose of the MN Junior High Math League is to encourage students to participate in math contests, enable students to meet mathletes from other schools, and to provide recognition for students excelling in mathematics. It also serves as preparation for the annual MathCounts competition. The meet topics are based on the MathCounts topics.

How does math league work?
We will meet at least twice as a group before every competition. 7th & 8th grade will meet designated Wednesday mornings in the Makerspace starting at 7:30 (or as soon as students arrive). During practices we go over the topics that will be covered in the upcoming meet and complete mock exams to prepare for what the contest will be like. There are 5 meets throughout the year and normally fall on Monday’s after school. We will host one meet at PWMS and travel to Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial, and New Ulm.

Meet Schedule:
Oct 7    - Prairie Winds Middle School
Oct 28  - Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial
Nov 18 - Prairie Winds Middle School
Dec 9   - Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial
Jan 13 - New Ulm 
-We have bus transportation to and from the meets out of town, normally returning between 5-5:30pm. 

Math League History
Prairie Winds Middle School, formerly known as East Junior, has won 23 out of 25 Math League Titles and we look forward to continuing the trend this year as we begin the 2019-2020 season.

First meeting:
The first math league meeting/practice will be held Thursday, October 2nd at 7:30 in the Makerspace. Please have your parent/guardian register you through the Mankato East Activities page prior to arriving on Friday.

Registration Process:

  • Go to Mankato East High School Website
  • Hover over the activities drop down menu and find Online Registration on the far left
  • Click on start registration and follow the prompts
  • Select activity - pick Full Year - Coed
  • Choose Math League
  • Be sure to click on Junior High Math League
  • Follow prompts to complete registration

Practice Dates:
Oct 2nd
Oct 9th
Oct 23rd
Oct 30th
Nov 6th
Nov 13th
Dec 4th
Dec 11th
Dec 18th
Jan 8th

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